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Andy decided to combine his lifelong love of football with his years of expertise as a lawyer and an advisor to many of London's top lawyers on their own professional careers, job moves, remuneration, tax issues and generally being a trusted confidante. He now offers similar career advice and negotiation skills to Clubs, players and other key-personnel alike.


His aim is to help every player, whether (like his eldest son and team-mates) starting out on their careers at Academy-level and similar experiences, through to more established professionals (at whatever level of the game) who need an experienced advisor to guide them at the various stages of their careers.


When acting for Clubs (large or small) , Andy's aim is always to find the right players (or managers, coaches etc) for the Club and ensure all parties are happy with mutually satisfactory signings, terms, contracts, performance and all other aspects handled by a trusted advisor.

Managers, Coaches, Scouts, Physios & other key personnel:

Andy also offers his skills and advice to all these and other key personnel who are so essential to any football/ sports club.

Andy brings to everyone he now deals with - Clubs, players, managers, coaches and other key personnel - not only his many years of personal, direct knowledge and real understanding (and ongoing love) of football, but also all the professional skills and abilities of a qualified lawyer, a recruitment expert and experienced advisor to London's high-earning lawyers.


Andy works with established, professional operatives in high profile sporting and celebrity security, close personal protection and surveillance.

(NB: CAULFIELD SEARCH - SPORTS MANAGEMENT AGENCY currently focuses primarily on football players, clubs and related key personnel, but will be expanding into other sports in the near future.)